January 19th, 2011

  • RARE GROOVES VOL. 3 IS OUT!!!!!11!!ONE!!

January 14th, 2011

  • We are ready to put Rare Grooves Vol. 3 out! We have selected the tracklist and we'd like to share it with you, still waiting on press contacts to do a proper press release with the promotion such a gem deserves, but yes, it's coming out this month!

    1) 5-FOOT NOTHING - Broken English (For Kelly)
    2) FUSHARA - Morning Klick
    3) KANTYZE - Kitane
    4) BRANDON MILES & TRICKY PAT - Ants In My Pants
    5) DESTRUCTO - Himera
    6) UNSUB - Gaia Machina
    7) KOCHU - Old Wallpapers
    8) PROTOGROUP - Night F Lashes (PROTECH Edit)
    9) TRIANGULAR ASCENSION - The Earth Shrine (ZARDONIC Edit)
    10) EKOL & CHOKE - Endless (HIDEF Remix)
    11) SYZE & THOUGHT - Vertebrate
    12) SEGMENT - Heartbreaker
    13) EUPI - Monitor
    14) JOUST WILLIAMS - Adventures Of Ellis Radio
    15) INSULIN - Long Shot
    16) ZOMBIE - A Passage For Trumpet
    17) ENDER - Vibe
    18) ORCHIDIUS - Wait A Moment
    19) D STAR - Double Dragon

    Photography by Jack Chrysostomou. http://neuraal.com

    Artwork by Federico Agreda.
    Mastered by Federico Agreda.


    5-FOOT NOTHING's name has been on everyone's mouth since his take alonsgside ANARCHY RISE on BLU MAR TEN's remix competition which led them to win it instantly with an amazing piece of work. With his carefully crafted atmospherical and mesmerizing beats, he's definitely a name to watch for. "Broken English" is a sonic healer that's due to touch the deepest of your soul.

    Now we take a trip to South London as FUSHARA waits for us with his "Morning Klick". This humble, yet highly creative artist has been producing experimental electronic music for quite a while now, getting himself a featuring on KNOWLEDGE MAGAZINE just recently as his album "TALES FROM A CONCRETE CITY" is due to drop on MAKE:SHIFT anytime soon! So take this refreshing "Morning Klick" with a cup of coffee, and maybe some cookies. Um, yes. Definitively some cookies.

    And a name that should be known by many in the scene, France's own KANTYZE crew have a back catalogue of seminal releases in some of the heaviest Drum & Bass labels including FREAK, OBSCENE, BASSWERK, VAMPIRE, FOKUZ, SINUOUS, and their own M-ATOME Recordings. Not content with this, they have added our humble ZARDONIC RECORDINGS to their releases by submitting their own experimental take on "Kitane", a dubby stepper with such delicate ghost sounds that simply makes it perfect for, well, "flying high".

    Since the last volume of Rare Grooves we also counted with the collaboration of the mighty award winning duo BRANDON MILES & TRICKY PAT. These two groundbreakers have developed an unique sound signature that led them to the release of several tracks on RAIDEN's own OFFKEY RECORDINGS, as well as the mighty OHM RESISTANCE, WESTBAY, MILLED PAVEMENT, and many more. "Ants In My Pants" is a track that will keep you bouncing and paranoid as every sound bites your balls like ants. One of the most original pieces of electronic music you're bound to hear in a long time.

    Now to get on a more underground sound, the inheritance of Russia has led to an entirely new scene of up and coming artists that are not here to play games, hitting you hard in the face with the strength of Eastern Europa. One of these soldiers is DESTRUCTO, hailing from Kirov, armed with a steam bomb that's due to bring apocalypse to those who defy, crushing everything on his way as the "Himera" explodes.

    Hailing from Australia, UNSUB is one of the many names of prolific producer Ellie Hudson-Grimes, an artist that has pushed all boundaries creating whatever needs to be created, including ambient, idm, metal-infused dubstep and drum n bass. This time we're blessed with "Gaia Machina", which takes us to a journey through the wastelands of the industrialized earth.

    KOCHU takes us back to Russia to check out the "Old Wallpapers" in his house. And honestly, if we could have wallpapers at home that looked like the way this sounds, we surely would. Take this quick glimpse into these good ol' wallpapers, they're only available for nearly two minutes, but that should be more than enough to make you want to decorate your entire house with them, or even better, your own mind.

    And since we just love Russia and don't want to get out of it, we had the chance to get a track from one of the country's legendary producers. And when we say legendary, we mean 1995 legendary. We mean 5 CD albums legendary. We mean PROTECH. Andy showed us his personal edit of "Night F Lashes", a track of his own ambient side project PROTOGROUP which has also been acclaimed by many scenesters. We also had the chance to check out some more of this project's music and it became an instant favorite in our lifetime soundtrack. Come with us, you'll never grow tired of riding the night flashes!

    Back to Venezuela, homeland of our label, ZARDONIC has been known for a while for being the label owner pushing underground talent, and also for getting top notch tracks released on labels such as HUMAN IMPRINT, FREAK, BIG RIDDIM and COUNTERSRIKE. This time we present you a subtle ZARDONIC edit of his own Dark Ambient sideproject TRIANGULAR ASCENSION, an output that quickly got picked by Frederic Arbour's own CYCLIC LAW label, known to be one of the top names in the Dark Ambient scene alongside COLD MEAT INDUSTRY and many others. Thus, this convergence of selves present you with an ovation to the earth element with the rise of "The Earth Shrine".

    Now for a take on experimental dubstep, Los Angeles native Edmondo Annechini, known to some as HIDEF, just released a 4 track EP as a BEATPORT exclusive through WAYSIDE RECORDINGS. That should give you an example of the quality you should expect of his remix of EKOL & CHOKE's "Endless" track. Make sure you turn up the volume and have some generous subs at home, because this is going to gently shake (and not stir) the house.

    Following this track, we stumbled upon the product of a joint between legendary DJ, vocalist and producer Ioanna Sotirova aka JOANNA SYZE and Ivan Sotirov aka THOUGHT. With more than 10 years in the worldwide Drum & Bass scene, SYZE has been collaborating with a massive amount of producers which made possible the creation of her forthcoming album "RODINA" on OHM RESISTANCE, while THOUGHT's unique tribal style quickly got picked by the likes of TECHNICAL ITCH, FREAK, OBSCENE, and many others. These newlyweds celebrate their union with this amazingly sexy and groovy track. "Vertebrate" is basically a reminder that you have some bones, as it's bound to move every single inch of collagen in your body. We hope you have enough calcium, vitamin D and biphosphonates in your diet, because these beats might cause Osteoporosis.

    And keeping on the dubstep bit, we were surprised with a track called "Heartbreaker", which honestly didn't break our hearts but on the contrary, made us fall in love instantly with the fresh, funky drums that are not typical in dubstep, and that is a good thing in our book, about time someone got rid of the Massive presets and the samey samey beats. This track came from a producer that called himself SEGMENT, and what was our surprise when we found out he was none less but the very mastermind behind legendary booking agency BREAKBEAT SCIENCE. Come check out what this segment has to offer, we promise that coming from such a character, this tube-driven track should not dissappoint!

    Continuing our trip we just had to go back to Rossiya-Matushka to meet with EUPI known also for his Drum & Bass duo DEXTEMS, which are some of the most important producers to come out from this amazing country. EUPI's solo output encompasses many experimental beats, he sent us about 30 tracks (well, we might be exaggerating, he actually sent 27). And we picked the very favorite which was this radiation-fueled monster that will be stalking you while you sleep from now on, because Big "Monitor" is watching you!

    To those who believe Funk is long and gone, we have news. Funk never died. It just got hotter, and maybe a bit higher on LSD. And this is the point where the real funky ride starts. JOUST WILLIAMS is a duo formed by oldschool north american producers NS and D STAR, bringing us a truly unique piece of music that stays true to its name, "Adventures Of Ellis Radio". D STAR, known for his collaborations with MASON and his classic label GASM RECORDINGS, has been actively working on several sideprojects including his funky dubstep output DOWN JONES, so keep your ears open for his solo album that's due to come out anytime soon on FOULPLAY RECORDS. As for NS, we know very little about this producer, but it surely doesn't stand for National Socialism. These vibes have nothing but love and freedom!

    INSULIN is a name that should ring a bell to many as it plays a critical role in the life of many diabetics. So put the sugar down with this "Long Shot" of relaxation. We have the pride of presenting this track which was also featured on MTV Network's "Exposed" show. Now that's something to talk about! Ever since 2008 this Washington DC based DJ and producer has been getting serious attention for his top notch work, leading his music to be featured on AK1200's "Weapons Of Tomorrow" mix CD, as well as more production work for film scoring and advanced sound design.

    Now this is going to be as much of a surprise to you as it was for us. One of our favorite skullsteppers in the worldwide scene is poland based Szymon Karpierz aka ZOMBIE, known for his relentless, fistfucking beats. Now, for this compilation he submitted a track that broke our jaws split wide open. "A Passage For Trumpet" is a mesmerizing, melancholic jazz trip that will gently set your soul on fire as soon as the track drops into its tasty rhythm, showing that talent is true when a musician is driven into several styles. Big ups the ZOMBIE for this amazing track!

    Our next track was provided by 18 year old Ian Bartoszek aka ENDER who is a true prodigy. Started out at the age of 11 producing with Ableton Live and playing drums for 7 years, and in his own words "been in too many bands of all types of music so tastes are so diverse I can't just sit down and put myself on a specific genre". Well said, son. This humble offering should keep everyone's ears interested in more of your work. So boost up the "Vibe" in your hearts with this warming welcome, we wish you the very best!

    ORCHIDIUS from Germany keeps on the oldschool tip with this sequence that has COOL written all over it. A multi-instrumentalist with an entire family of musicians, Mr. Orchidius started playing drums when he was barely 6 years old back in 1984. So with nearly 27 years of being involved with music we can expect nothing but expertise and subtlety, found in this timeless track, "Wait A Moment".

    And to finish the album, D STAR collaborated with a very special track which happens to be the very first track he ever composed, so we decided to save "Double Dragon" from the ashes of oblivion. This track is a quick take on experimental downtempo beats which was just perfect for the final play on the compilation.

    All in all, it's been a great pleasure to have everyone on board and we hope the public will enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed compiling the tracks. Keep it rare, keep it groovy!

November 29th, 2010

  • Zardonic Recordings proudly presents the new sister label dedicated to latin american metal acts: SATURNOCULTO RECORDS.

November 13th, 2010

  • Celebrating the pre release of the Rare Grooves Vol. 3 compilation we had to put out this masterpiece of Glen Burrows, known these days as GRAVITY for his amazing dubstep productions, and in the past as POLYGON for his more experimental beats.

    For our ZRD024LP, "DREAMFISHING" is a concatenation of all his groundbreaking past work into a unique journey where the only boundaries to be found are in your own imagination. So close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax, and play this with some nice subs or headphones, because this download is about to blow your minds.

    And to whom it may concern, the artwork and photography were provided by our own label owner ZARDONIC. It is a picture of a contemporary art sculpture located in the JESUS SOTO contemporary museum in BOLIVAR CITY, VENEZUELA. Make sure to google that too!

September 30th, 2010

  • As promised, we have a new release a week after!! [ZRD023] DEXTEMS - FROM SAMARA WITH LOVE!!!

    Russia's ultimate duo Eugene Piskov and Yaroslav Stolyarenko, known in the Drum & Bass scene as DEXTEMS, are some of the hottest producers to come out of Eastern Europe, earning the support of many of the major players and working with some of the most respected labels, such as the infamous Dylan's own Freak Recordings, the Belgium groundbreakers Future Sickness and Germany's top dark label, Intransigent Recordings.

    For Zardonic Recordings, Dextems bring two technoid smashers in collaboration with Dub Elements, acknowledged as the top producers of the Spain Drum & Bass scene; and B Soul, another russian globetrotter that had an incredible breakthrough thanks to the release of the dancefloor devastator "Markus", released through Barcode Recordings.

    Enjoy this release and play it loud!

September 22nd, 2010

  • After almost one year of hiatus we bring you back a brand new release and two more lined up for the next few days. For now, enjoy this freebie pack, once again, back to the raw sound of dancefloor armageddon. Go grab your hands on [ZRD022] ZARDONIC - LOVECRAFT MACHINE, for the price of a single click!

October 15th, 2009

  • As you can see the website has changed slightly, and that is because we couldn't join the celebration without the proper dressing, if you know what we mean? That's right! Today is our greatest celebration, as we have gathered the first installment of a series that will crush the dream of heaven, as we bring forth the ultimate artillery in sonic weaponry, internationally acknowledged as "Skullstep". Ladies and gentlemen, Zardonic Recordings proudly presents: [ZRD021LP] THE SKULLSTEP AGENDA VOL. 1, a warfare of mind terror carefully conceived by the finest scientists around the globe to quench their thirst for dancefloor apocalypse. And if that doesn't suffice your filthy desire for destruction, here's the best part. As an unlimited time offer, Zardonic Recordings brings you a chance to destroy the world for FREE. Just click on the download links and push the play button, free of charge, you will be able to experience the joy of a world coming to its end.

April 1st, 2009

  • Fancy new design huh? Hope you all enjoy the new look. We've dressed our site with the colors and image of the latest release, the very [ZRD020LP] RARE GROOVES VOL. 2 has arrived!! We would like to thank every artist involved in the compilation for their active interest and participation, and to the listeners, well, if you liked Vol. 1, this is going to blow your minds. The compilation comes specially mixed by our label founder ZARDONIC, and believe us this is meant to be an absolutely innovative sound experience through the different shades of experimental electronic music. Don't expect to find the typical beats here, while some of the tracks are based in Drum & Bass or Dubstep genres, the whole thing is probably going to feel like a soundtrack before a dance music album. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this masterpiece, after all, it's free for all!

Feb 5th, 2009

  • Happy new years, carnivals, st valentine's day, whatever! The thing is that we have a gift for any of these celebrations and you can get it RIGHT NOW! Zardonic Recordings proudly presents ZRD019EP "Those Who Know The Truth" written by our label founding member ZARDONIC. This EP compiles 8 tracks of previously unreleased material that was scheduled to come out in mid 2008 but due to unexpected reasons, they never did. So we took one step ahead compiling these jewels just for you.

    We had the pleasure of getting some words from Technorganic Recordings' very owner, Mr. Lewis Davidson on the release:

    "You are feeling the presence of another. His name is Zardonic and he hails thunderbolts of bass and rains walls of drums upon his hapless dance floor victims. Featuring some of the strongest production samples currently in rotation and touching on the most powerful ideological arguments of all times, Zardonic demonstrates in this philosophy-infused compilation that, as a thinker, he stands alone.

    This Venezuelan artist is showing how his varied background, environmental location and unique production styles are quite possibly the secret recipe for DNB perfection. These songs are well suited for any modern DNB set where only the tightest drums, epic synth work and raw emotion invoking sound scapes are needed to take the listener to where he or she needs to be. Donít knock on the black gate, kick it down and join the twilight festivities. You have but one option, embrace the cool bass breeze and relish in the bumps on the back of your neck, as you bang your head at the sonic altar."

    Even better news, we thought you'd like to know that a SUBSONIK remix of "The Myth" will be coming out soon on Subsonik Sound, with a VIP mix of "Frozen Pathways" on the flipside. Stay tuned and remember to support your favorite artists, after we've given you so much free quality releases, we're sure you can buy a couple tracks, right? ;)

    The amazing photograph used on the artwork is courteously provided by Jack Chrysostomou @ ALTGRAF.NET. Make sure you check his sick portfolio!

Dec 16th, 2008

  • After six months of absence we attack the crowd with an amazing release: "The Legendary EP" brought to you by the dark Drum & Bass / Dubstep crew MICROTERRORIZUM (MTZ).

    "The Legendary EP" compiles six selected tracks of the old era of the Microterrorizum crew, meant to shake the heads of the listener with slamming beats and experimental sounds. We promise you this is like nothing you have heard before.

    Zardonic's World Wide Warfare begins with a sliced and rearranged George W. Bush speech that was basically transformed into what he would actually say if he stopped the smokescreen technique he relies so much on, and straight after that booms with metal style reeces and an unique, euphoric, broken groove riding over rotten subs.

    Vortex Involute's Enjoy The Ride, previously known as First Person Shooter or FPS is a slight edit of the tune that was once leaked by the russian pirates, remastered for your pleasure, with bigger subs and meaner sounds. So if you're thinking of buying it off any russian sites, come here and download this revamped version instead!

    Claw's Rest In Peace, aka RIP or 'That Hurt Bootleg' is his own version of Johnny Cash's Hurt tune, a track that will keep your mood swinging from melancholy to madness. Recommended for the oldschool heads since it has big and nice subs with strong amen breaks.

    Focal & Ca$h's Slogans Of Hatred brings that dark hiphop feel that has been the signature on Focal's productions since his beginning, this time meant to be a reflection of the reality, again, sampling the voice of Mr. Danger. No doubt he's probably one of the most sampled politician on earth huh? Let the beats be the solution to this problem as they smash his words and take a dance trip into true freedom!

    Zardonic, UltraBlack & Ca$h's Execute is a superjoint ritual meant to let go all hate against one of the most dangerous and fearsome species on earth: intelligent whores. Known before as 'The Attack Tune' or 'Executed By Derision', this tune also brings moodswings to anyone who listens to it, considering the many passages found on its structure. Nothing but sickness.

    Blal's Noise Control, known before as Valued Noise, signed in the past by yet another label that promises vinyl releases to producers by signing a truckload of tunes just to drop them the year after as they realize they can't get the attention they expect from the distros and they have to put out a max of 2 or 3 releases per year, making the tracks grow old. Zardonic Recordings, in an intent of avoiding this, releases this monster of experimental noise and skullstep, edited by Zardonic for tighter drum hits!

June 16th, 2008

June 10th, 2008

  • Zardonic Recordings brings up what would be the very first full length free tunepack ever released on the label: [ZRD017LP] RARE GROOVES VOL. 1. You better watch out for this one, because it contains tracks that you would never be expecting to hear from this label.

    For this time, we decided to do something special, and that's SO special, that we even added color to the artwork (however, black & white version of it is also included). All in 300dpi, contrary to the previous releases, which are 150dpi.


    Prepare to take the ride of your life with over 78 minutes of experimental breakbeat tunes, perfect for home listening! Download it, burn, play, share, give it to the pirate market, we honestly don't care. The more people hear this the better, after all, it's free.

May 13th, 2008

April 17th, 2008

  • Sorry for the delay, we have Mr. B-COMPLEX on board!! Two massive trance / neuro / hard rollers available for download now! [ZRD016] B-COMPLEX - Acid Trip / Squelch.

March 13th, 2008

  • New design as you might all see, or more like new diagramation. Easier for access to all releases since our main purpose is the distribution of these. We also bring a new release of two tunes that have been on hold for a long long time. Freshly revamped, known before as Kyle Rupret Kroenen, we present: [ZRD015] ADROIT - Subject KRK / Subject KRK (ZARDONIC Remix).

February 20th, 2008

  • Any followers of this label will realize that the intervals between releases are getting longer, and that's why we're upping the quality control of our releases. If you want to know what we're talking about, check out our new release: [ZRD014] IDENTITY / ZARDONIC / MALSUM - Neurotica / Natural Born Killers.

October 17th, 2007

  • Zardonic Recordings proudly presents a release which is probably by far the strongest of the label. Enjoy the [ZRD013] GASMASK 71 / ZOMBIE - The Punisher / Springwood Slasher (Remix). Don't miss these two dancefloor smashers!

August 24th, 2007

  • We're late, but we're around. The second release of the Inner Order Remix Competition winners is here: [ZRD012EP] SWITCH TECHNIQUE - The Inner Order Renegades.

July 10th, 2007

  • Check the Releases section for our brand new [ZRD011EP] SWITCH TECHNIQUE - Bare Remixes Of Inner Order !!!

July 9th, 2007

  • We've already selected the remixes for two releases with remixes of Inner Order! They will feature remixes by ANTICHRISTUS, ETHMOH, GAP, LORCSCYRIC, PURPLE HAZE, STROG, SYNCHRO MODE and ZARDONIC. Stay tuned, both EPs will be released somewhere around this month for sure.

June 7th, 2007

  • DEADLINE EXTENDED: July 7th, 2007. Keep working on those remixes and don't give up!

May 7th, 2007

  • We're back and hitting harder!! This time we bring you [ZRD010] ZOMBIE - Hammer / Beyond The Enclave. You just can't miss this awesome release with a producer with a signature style that stands for absolute gore. If you wanted it hard, we give it hard.
  • We also finally announce the Remix Competition for SWITCH TECHNIQUE's "Inner Order" track. Same as before, but this time we will pick the very best remixes to release them in maybe one or two different EPs, depending on the quality of the submissions. We're taking ANY genre, but when possible, send Drum & Bass tracks :) Remember the keywords: Dark, Heavy, Unorthodox and Quality. If your track meets at least two or more of these features it will definately be considered.
  • Download remix pack HERE (RAR Format)
  • Listen to the original song HERE.
  • DEADLINE: June 6th, 2007.
  • HOW TO SUBMIT: Send 320 quality mp3 to zardonic at gmail dot com.

Apr 5th, 2007

  • After a great time of absence, we finally bring you the [ZRD009] FIZYK & SWITCH TECHNIQUE - Acid Papa / Inner Order. An insane acid techno dnb hybrid coming with a bizarre, dark, eerie dark ambient dnb track. Stay tuned for a Remix Competition for SWITCH TECHNIQUE's "Inner Order" track.

Feb 28th, 2007

  • Because we just couldn't trash these great tracks, here's [ZRD008] P739 - The Acid Bath Renegades EP. Four awesome Drum & Bass and Breakcore / Gabber remixes by EEPZ, HELINGA, BOKUSATSU SHOUJO KOUBOU (BSK) and KIMOKORE LAB!!

Feb 13th, 2007

  • We bring you the [ZRD007] P739 - Bare Remixes Of Surrounded By Evil & Acid Bath. Check out these sick remixes by ZARDONIC and the competition winners BLEAK REFERENCE aka INERTIA!!

Feb 5th, 2007

  • We have already heard all of the submissions for the Acid Bath remix, and we have to say we've received a huge huge load of quality remixes. It was so hard to pick one that would really stood out from the rest, they were all great in a different way (except for some other remixes that were ok but just not there yet). So here's what we did: We're releasing the very winner first, and will focus on promotion for that one more than the rest, it will be released on ZRD007. Then we did a second selection (since there were also a lot of gabber / breakcore remixes submitted), and they will be released in a special EP we've named The Acid Bath Renegades. We want to make everyone happy and since this is done for the freeness we considered it's pointless to waste music that is also awesome. Keep in touch!

Jan 28th, 2007

  • Two day delay due to technical problems, again, sorry about that heh! Anyways, this time we present [ZRD006] FOCAL - Sound Of Violence / Takeover. Urban heads beware!! This proud member of the MTZ collective brings two quality hiphop / grindstep hybrids!

Jan 10th, 2007

  • One day delay due to technical problems, but here we finally unleash the mighty [ZRD005] ZARDONIC / SWITCH TECHNIQUE - Shred Beliefs (Feat. LINDA MATHIAS) / The Six. Not for the weak of heart.

Dec 30th, 2006

  • We are proud to announce the first Zardonic Recordings Remix Competition. This time, P739 offered his track Acid Bath to be remixed. The competition deadline is February 1st, 2007. The winner will get a release on the B side of ZRD007.
  • Download remix pack HERE (RAR Format)
  • Listen to the original song HERE

Dec 26th, 2006

  • Happy Holidays! We present you our fourth release as a gift: [ZRD004] PROTECH - We Believe / We Believe (MARK TAILOR Remix). Enjoy the sarcasm.

Dec 9th, 2006

  • Our third release corresponds to Mr. CJ Weaver: [ZRD003] CJ WEAVER - Craterface / Meet Your Maker. Don't miss these two killer tracks now available for download!

Nov 26th, 2006

  • We proudly present our second release: [ZRD002] ZARDONIC / THE MAGUS / VIRGO DON - Western / Tuggy Tuggy. We also announce that PROTECH and MARK TAILOR have joined the frontline with two killer tracks that are scheduled for the ZRD004 release on December 26th!

Nov 9th, 2006

  • Website Launched! http://www.zardonicrecs.ve.tc
  • We proudly present our first release: [ZRD001] P739 - Surrounded By Evil / Acid Bath. Also stay in touch in the "Releases" section for more information about our upcoming releases!

"Rare Grooves Vol. 3"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. 5-FOOT NOTHING - Broken English (For Kelly) [download]

  2. FUSHARA - Morning Klick [download]

  3. KANTYZE - Kitane [download]

  4. BRANDON MILES & TRICKY PAT - Ants In My Pants [download]

  5. DESTRUCTO - Himera [download]

  6. UNSUB - Gaia Machina [download]

  7. KOCHU - Old Wallpapers [download]

  8. PROTOGROUP - Night F Lashes (PROTECH Edit) [download]

  9. TRIANGULAR ASCENSION - The Earth Shrine (ZARDONIC Edit) [download]

  10. EKOL & CHOKE - Endless (HIDEF Remix) [download]

  11. SYZE & THOUGHT - Vertebrate [download]

  12. SEGMENT - Heartbreaker [download]

  13. EUPI - Monitor [download]

  14. JOUST WILLIAMS - Adventures Of Ellis Radio [download]

  15. INSULIN - Long Shot [download]

  16. ZOMBIE - A Passage For Trumpet [download]

  17. ENDER - Vibe [download]

  18. ORCHIDIUS - Wait A Moment [download]

  19. D STAR - Double Dragon [download]


Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. Imagine [download]

  2. Dreamfishing [download]

  3. Melt [download]

  4. Soft Focus [download]

  5. Bandlsnatch [download]

  6. Orange [download]

  7. Waves [download]

  8. Pyjama Flipping [download]

  9. Forever [download]

  10. Tangents [download]

  11. Enigma [download]

  12. Vortex [download]

  13. Visions [download]

  14. Dimensions [download]

  15. Sunset [download]

  16. Infinite [download]

"From Samara With Love"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  • a) Synthetika (ft. DUB ELEMENTS) [download]

  • b) Vampires (ft. B SOUL) [download]

"Lovecraft Machine"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"The Skullstep Agenda Vol. 1"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. DUB ELEMENTS - Bad Girls Go To Hell [download]

  2. LUCIO DE RIMANEZ - Pain [download]

  3. THE TEKNOIST - This Skull Of Mine (Hurts Like Fuck) [download]

  4. NLB aka RENEGADE SCIENTIST - Horn Related [download]

  5. ZARDONIC & FORBIDDEN SOCIETY - Suffering And Pain [download]

  6. ARSENIC - Heroin [download]

  7. 2R - Mysticism [download]

  8. KRYTERIA - There's A War Coming [download]

  9. CENOBITES - Temper Tantrum [download]

  10. KID KRYPTIC - Red Light Green [download]

  11. VORTEX INVOLUTE - Pink Coffin In My Room [download]

  12. IDENTITY & XPANDER - The Jigsaw [download]

  13. ZOMBIE - Fallout [download]

"Rare Grooves Vol. 2"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. ZARDONIC ft JORGE BOSCAN - Editing Nature [download]

  2. IBUNSHI - Luminous Two [download]

  3. ADAM JOHN - My Love [download]

  4. MYRISTIL - Aeos [download]

  5. 24SEVEN - Lauryl [download]

  6. ARJE - Visible Words [download]

  7. AKKYA - Entanglement Process [download]

  8. SOUL DELAY - My Shadow (138 Mix) [download]

  9. NO REQUESTS - The Closer [download]

  10. NATHAN RAIN - Stealth Elements [download]

  11. INTOCCABILE - I Walk Alone [download]

  12. 2R - Scared [download]

  13. FOX - Angelfish [download]

  14. VALIS - 23rd Theme [download]

  15. THE THING - Perception Break [download]

  16. BRANDON MILES & TRICKY PAT - Tundra Bliss [download]

"Those Who Know The Truth EP"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. ZARDONIC - The Myth [download]

  2. ZARDONIC - Oceanic Mysteria [download]

  3. ZARDONIC & IDENTITY - Black Gate [download]

  4. ZARDONIC & FIZYK - Pannacakkhu[download]

  5. ZARDONIC - Another Presence [download]

  6. ZARDONIC - Pulzar [download]

  7. ZARDONIC - The Distance [download]

  8. ZARDONIC - Frozen Pathways [download]

"The Legendary EP"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. ZARDONIC - World Wide Warfare [download]

  2. VORTEX INVOLUTE - Enjoy The Ride (ZARDONIC Edit) [download]

  3. CLAW - Rest In Peace [download]

  4. FOCAL & CA$H - Slogans Of Hatred [download]

  5. ZARDONIC & ULTRABLACK & CA$H - Execute [download]

  6. BLAL - Noise Control (ZARDONIC Edit) [download]

"Rare Grooves Vol. 1"

Cover: Color: [Front][Back] B&W: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  1. DJ SCAPE - Your Soul Can Rest [download]

  2. IBUNSHI - Deadwoods [download]

  3. INTEGER - Decibel [download]

  4. SOULIE - Walking Home [download]

  5. SOUL DELAY - Float [download]

  6. FOCAL - The Return [download]

  7. TRIPLET & LEHIS - Nebyval'shina [download]

  8. PROCESS - The Yard [download]

  9. KID KRYPTIC - Scornful Behavior [download]

  10. ZARDONIC - White Walls [download]

  11. PETER KURTEN - Project Seven [download]

  12. SIGHNATURE - I Sell Death Insurance [download]

  13. ADAM JOHN - Winter Screamed Last Night* [download]

*bonus track

"Acid Trip / Squelch"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"Subject KRK"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  • a) Subject KRK (Original Mix) [download]

  • b) Subject KRK (Zardonic Remix) [download]

"Neurotica / Natural Born Killers"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"The Punisher / Springwood Slasher Remix"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"The Inner Order Renegades"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  • a) Inner Order (Ethmoh Remix) [download]

  • b) Inner Order (Lorcscyric Remix) [download]

  • c) Inner Order (Strog's 'Your Mother' Remix) [download]

  • d) Inner Order (Synchro Mode Remix) [download]

"Bare Remixes Of Inner Order"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  • a) Inner Order (Zardonic Remix) [download]

  • b) Inner Order (Purple Haze Remix) [download]

  • c) Inner Order (Gap Remix) [download]

  • d) Inner Order (Antichristus Remix) [download]

"Hammer Beyond The Enclave"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"Acid Papa / Inner Order"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"The Acid Bath Renegades EP"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"Bare Remixes Of Surrounded By Evil & Acid Bath"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

  • a) Surrounded By Evil (Zardonic Remix) [download]

  • b) Acid Bath (Bleak Reference Remix) [download]

"Sound Of Violence / Takeover"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

Zardonic / Switch Technique
"Shred Beliefs / The Six"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"We Believe"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

CJ Weaver
"Craterface / Meet Your Maker"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

& The Magus / Zardonic feat. Virgo Don
"Western / Tuggy Tuggy"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]

"Surrounded By Evil / Acid Bath"

Cover: [Front][Back]
Release: [Info][ZIP][Review]
Stream: [Hi-Fi][Lo-Fi]